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Full-Suite Employee Benefits

Today’s job market is highly competitive, with employee benefits as one of the key factors in obtaining and keeping a high quality workforce. By partnering with IRM, whether small or large your company is able to access and provide your workforce a full suite of employee benefits solutions, along with online benefit enrollment tool to simply how employees choose among available options.

Access to Affordable Benefits

You will have the ability to elect Medical, Dental, Life, Vision, Disability, Supplemental and Retirement products. IRM will manage all of your programs, including Employee and Employer Deductions, Invoice Reconciliation, Premium Payment, COBRA and Carrier Administration, thus making employee benefits elections process smooth and more manageable.

Save on Benefits Administration

Improperly managed benefits administration can cost an employer thousands each year, with something as simple as overpaid premiums. IRM services include a benefits administrator who will not only closely manage billing accuracy and administration, but can also assist your employees in plan explanations and enrollment options that best fit their needs.

Online Benefits Enrollment

Choosing benefits options used to be a pain for HR and employees alike. With online benefits enrollment, comparing options and making benefit selections more convenient than ever, resulting in significant time savings.

Group Health, Life, Dental, Vision, Drug cards

401(K) Retirement Plans

Section 125 “Cafeteria Plan” (premium only)

Long and Short Term Disability

Benefit Enrollment, Billing, Reporting and Reconciliation

Employer and Employee Contributions

COBRA Compliance

Still Using Paper Forms?
Experience Online Benefit Enrollment


Simplify the process across your organization with secure, electronic enrollment. Integrated with your HR cloud modules, open enrollment and new employee enrollment is now easier than ever before.

Step-by-step Enrollment

You already know how challenging it can be to manage benefits during open enrollment and for new hires, especially if you’re still using paper forms. With electronic enrollment, employees can be guided step-by-step through the process for the specific benefits they are eligible for.

Desktop or Mobile

Help employees get the most out of their benefits…anytime, from any device. Whether on a desktop or mobile device, selecting, comparing or changing to benefit elections during enrollment is both intuitive and simple.

Minimize Paperwork

Managing benefits enrollment can be time consuming and costly, but with employee notifications and enrollment status tracking, benefits enrollment can be completed in record time.

Easily Compare Selections

Whether it’s managing dependents or comparing plan options, your employees will be empowered to understand and more fully take advantage of employer-sponsored and voluntary benefits.  


And without the stress and disruption of paper-based enrollment, your employees can focus on making the right selections and returning to work.


What’s more, the entire process from onboarding to benefit enrollment and payroll is integrated, minimizing the time involved and potential for errors.

Compare Benefit Selections

Easier Enrollment for All Departments

With benefit enrollment, everyone wins… from employees, to HR, and the business owner who reduces the cost and complexity of benefits while increasing employee satisfaction. Employees want to take full advantage of earned benefits and employers need to retain employees.


Whether it’s saving time or better understanding available benefits, your staff will love the convenience of electronic benefit enrollment. Simplify how your employees discover, compare and select their benefits.

Simplify how your employees discover, compare and select benefit options.

Why Online Benefit Enrollment?

Saves time and reduces the burden of benefit enrollment

Ensures that enrollment selections are properly completed, with alerts that let employees know when required information is missing

Enables employees to quickly and easily select and enroll in benefits, manage personal and dependent information, evaluate plan options, coverage details and access supporting documents

Smooths open enrollment process by allowing employees to change elections at any time during the period

Modern, branded and intuitive interface lets worksite employees compare up to three plans at once

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