Time & Labor

Your Workforce is

Your Most Important Investment

Your workforce is your greatest asset and investment. A time and labor solution is the tool to optimize the cost and workforce productivity. Track and manage punches, time cards, schedules, time-off requests and accruals in just a few minutes. Seamlessly integrate with payroll.

Time Clocks



Features Include…

Intelligent time tracking

Employees clock IN/OUT on mobile app for increased flexibility and to avoid buddy punching and unplanned overtime.

Easy payroll submission

Easy time card approval process. Quick export for your payroll provider’s import for processing.

Mobile Access

Employees use mobile devices to clock in, check schedule, and request time off.

Efficient scheduling

Visual interface for fast creation and adjustment. Employee and manager notifications. Break and overtime management.

Fast timesheet management

Dramatically reduce administrative burden by enforcing schedule and avoiding errors at clock IN/OUT. Managers easily review and approve time cards.

Faster Scheduling

Create and post schedules in minutes. Double check shifts with coverage view. Notify employees when shift opens or changes.

Easy time off admin

Accrue and track time-off balances. Set vacation and sick policies. Approve/deny requests. Receive real-time notices.

Better Clock Control

Clock enforces schedule, including breaks. No buddy punching, missed punches or unplanned overtime. Managers get real-time alert if employees forget to clock in.

Employee Self Service

Employees check their balances and submit time-off requests directly. Requests show on the schedule. Managers get notification and approve/deny.

Time Clock Options

Simplify Time & Labor Management

Simplify time tracking, spend less time preparing payroll, ensure proper pay, control overtime, enable accurate job costing, enforce breaks, and avoid buddy punching. These are just some of the many benefits a timekeeping solution immediately provides your organization.

Many Options to Collect Time

Offer employee self service. Perhaps your employees need better access to review their time on and off the clock, pay stubs and PTO balances or the ability to manage time-off requests. Enable punching on the on-the-go. Let employees track time wherever they are, use GPS to verify location, show time card, upcoming schedule, time off, enforce early/late/ break punch rules. Need a time clock on-site? Choose from a wide range of time clock with PIN punch, RFID or biometric readers. Eliminate missed and unmatched punches, track jobs, enforce early/late/break rules.

Time Clock Desktop & Mobile

Employee Scheduling & Shift Management

Build and manage schedules in less time. Empower employees to reduce overtime and stay compliant with automated workflows and notifications. Create dynamic, multi-shift, multi-location schedules that support employee preferences, skills, and availability, plus allow shift trading and self-service. Trade shifts. Give employees the ability to initiate shift trades with manager approval, eligibility and drop rules, notify all parties, improve schedule adherence and efficiency. Schedule compliance rules. Check compliance with certification rules, associate certification expiration date with holder to ensure employees match role requirements.

Start Saving on Your Greatest Expense

Eliminate ``buddy punching`` and time theft

Minimize late arrivals, extended lunches and early departures

Reduce overpaid wages and overtime

Move away from punch rounding and approximating. Pay accurately.

Reduce overstaffing and scheduling.

Reduce payroll errors and administration

Minimize the risk on non-compliance penalties

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